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Detroit Zoo - polar-bear “It’s wonderful to see the community continue to enjoy their zoo.  Our goal is to provide families with one amazing experience after another.”
Ron L. Kagan
Executive Director/CEO, Detroit Zoological Society

By including the Detroit Zoological Society in your personal or business charitable giving, you can make a real difference in Celebrating and Saving Wildlife. From large transformative gifts with outcomes like the Arctic Ring of Life and Cotton Family Wetlands to the many gifts for general support – a critical source of funding that helps to cover daily operating expenses – gifts of all kinds are important to the current and future success of the Detroit Zoological Society.

General Operating Support
Admission fees and membership dues cover only a portion of what it really takes to operate the Detroit Zoological Society on a day-to-day basis. For the remainder, we rely on regular gifts of all sizes. Cumulatively, these gifts are the lifeblood of the Detroit Zoo, providing support for care and feeding of the animals, lighting, heating and cooling, security, animal care staff, and general maintenance and upkeep of the Zoo’s exhibits and facilities.

Learn more about how your gift makes a difference or Donate Now 

Special Programs and Experiences
We offer a variety of unique ways to have special experiences or recognize a loved one that fit any budget.

Symbolically adopt an animal and give a gift that truly keeps on giving – to your recipient and the animals of the Detroit Zoo.

Tribute Gifts
Commemorate someone or something special in your life with a Tribute Gift and be a part of your Zoo for many years to come

• Brass butterfly
• Nature pavers (three sizes to choose from)
• Make a donation “in honor” of someone

Zoo Experiences
Come visit and experience our wildlife in their natural habitats.

• Breakfast with the Butterflies
• Breakfast with the Giraffes
• Mingle with the Macaronis
• Take a Guided ZooTour

Renaissance Circle Membership
From special celebrations to habitat and animal debuts, private tours and exclusive educational experiences, there is a lot to do and enjoy with your annual membership. Share these new adventures and create great memories with your family and friends. Become a Member of the Renaissance Circle at the Detroit Zoo!

Endowment and Planned Giving
Strong endowments are akin to strong insurance policies when it comes to nonprofits such as the Detroit Zoological Society. Endowment gifts are held in perpetuity, with investment earnings going to support the programs and habitats that our visitors and members come to enjoy. Because of their longevity, funds and corresponding programs can be named, providing a great way to leave your legacy or honor a loved one.

Also, many donors choose to use their assets to make a lasting impact by including the Detroit Zoological Society in their charitable giving plans. “Planned Giving” integrates your charitable, family and financial goals. There are many different ways through which donors can make planned gifts – some that can provide immediate tax advantages while providing the donor income, and others that occur upon their death.

Learn more about planned gifts to the Zoo.

Corporate Investment
Today’s successful companies think beyond simply their own profitability. They are also aware of their impact on the customers who support them and the communities in which they do business. By matching their corporate missions with ours, organizations that sponsor the Zoo and its programs and facilities extend the impact of their marketing message to our audiences in meaningful, impactful ways that demonstrate corporate responsibility and help to grow their businesses. Partnership opportunities can be customized to fit the needs of any organization.

Learn more about becoming a corporate partner by contacting Roger Hurst at or (248) 336-5721.

To explore other ways to support the Zoo as we protect and conserve some of the most remarkable creatures on earth while making lasting impressions and memorable experiences for yourself and other visitors, select one of the menu options to the left.