School Group Information

Field Trip Reservation Form
Please fill out the Field Trip Reservation form and fax it to (248) 541-0344.
If you are interested in adding a tour of the Zoo or a field trip experience or tour, please phone call (248) 541-5717 ext. 3300 to make your reservation. Please note that some days are not available due to special events or capacity limitations. You will receive a confirmation statement with further instructions one week from date received. We do not offer group reservations on Sundays.

Click here to download the Reservation Form

What do you consider a school group?  
A school group is any group specifically from a school (pre-school through college) that has a certified teacher leading an education-based class or program.  The school can be either public or private.  We offer the school group rate only during the school year (After Labor Day - June 20).  School groups need to pay with one payment and all go through the admission gates together.

Do you require a reservation?
Yes, please call us at (248) 541-5717 ext. 3300 to schedule your trip at least two weeks prior to your intended visitation date.  We do not schedule groups on holidays, if we are having an event at the Zoo or if we have met our capacity limitation on any given date.  

What is the difference between a tri-county and a non-tri-county school?  
Tri-County School   A school that is physically located in Wayne, Oakland or Macomb counties. Tri-county schools are eligible for a discount if they pre-pay for their group. Groups who pre-pay receive a $5.00 per person rate. Admission is the regular $7 school group rate if they pay the day of their visit. Pre-payment is due three days prior to your visit.
Non-Tri-County School:  Any school that is not located in Wayne, Oakland or Macomb counties. Non-tri-county school groups receive the $7 per person school group rate.

Is a summer camp or youth group considered a school? 
Recreation groups and other child care services such as Day Camps are not considered a school group, even if they are affiliated with a school system.

Do teachers pay? 
Yes, all staff members need to pay for their admission to the Zoo.  Only school bus drivers are complimentary.

What is the adult/child ratio? 
We require a minimum of one to 10 adult to student ratio for all groups (excluding college).  Students need to stay with a chaperone while touring the Zoo.

Can group members arrive late? 
Group members need to all arrive at the same time to take advantage of the group rates.  Late arrivals or individuals paying separately are charged general admission rates.

Can Members of the Detroit Zoological Society use their cards with a group? 
Yes.  Adult members coming in with the group they need to show their membership card and ID.  If a child is coming without a parent, a photocopy of the card is sufficient.  Only listed members of the household will be allowed in on a membership.  Please have all members at the end of your line.  

Do I get a refund if members of my group are absent? 
All sales are final and cannot be adjusted after the payment has been issued.  There are no refunds, rain checks or tickets issued for overpayment.

What is the parking fee? 
Current pricing can be found on the pricing page..

Can I add a tour or Education program to my group reservation? 
Tours are offered September-April.  Field trip programs are available September-June.   Space is limited, please call (248) 541-5717 ext. 3800 for availability.

Do I get a discount on any attractions? 
Yes, school groups receive discounts on the Tauber Family Railroad, Wild Adventure Ride and the Wild Adventure 3-D/4-D Theater as long as tickets are purchased as a group. 

NOTE:  School Group Reservations are not available on April 18, 19, May 16, 17, 26 or June 13