Siamese crocodile

At the Detroit Zoo
The Siamese crocodile can be found inside the Holden Reptile Conservation Center, located near the middle of the park.  There, visitors can learn about the 70 different species (and approximately 180 individuals) of reptiles at the Detroit Zoo, one-fifth of which are considered threatened or endangered in the wild.


This small crocodile is olive to dark green and has a small, broad snout and an elevated, bony crest behind each eye.

Scientific name: Crocodylus siamensis
Continent: Asia
Habitat: This freshwater crocodile lives in rainforest rivers and in swamps or lagoons
Size: It can grow up to 13 feet long, but most do not exceed 10 feet.
Weight: Highly variable, but up to 500 pounds or greater for the largest animals.
Diet: Mainly fish, but it also eats amphibians, reptiles and small mammals.
Reproduction: This crocodile will breed during the wet season (April to May), laying 20-50 eggs. It will then guard the eggs until they hatch.
Lifespan: Greater than 60 years in captivity
Conservation Status: Critically Endangered



This species is extinct in almost every country except for Cambodia where population estimates range from 50 to 4,000.