Berman Academy for Humane Education

What is the Berman Academy for Humane Education?

The Detroit Zoological Society traces its origins to a group of animals abandoned by a bankrupt circus in 1883.  Citizens responded to by generously giving food and money to provide for their care.  The Society was created on this foundation of helping animals in need.  The naturalistic habitats that were developed demonstrate a desire to share the beauty of wild places and their inhabitants.

Over 100 years later, the Berman Academy for Humane Education was formed.  A series of humane education initiatives were launched in 2002 and in 2005 the Academy settled into its permanent home in the Ford Education Center.  The Academy offers a broad range of programs designed to meet the needs of our diverse audiences.   Unique and engaging programs utilize a variety of instructional strategies – including traditional instruction, storytelling, role-playing, theater, and virtual technology – to match the various learning styles of the community.  Through participation in formal and informal experiences, audiences understand the need to treat other living creatures with respect, responsibility, and compassion.  The Berman Academy for Humane Education was created to help people help animals.

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Use this guide to help lighten your impact on the Earth and the animals that share it with us.
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Our efforts are helping both individual animals and entire species. Walk softly and treat the Earth's creatures gently.