Belle Isle Nature Zoo Field Trips

Give your class a healthy dose of Vitamin Z!

Our field trip programs are FREE! Programs include a fallow deer feeding, a hands-on activity and/or biofact discovery time. Programs are offered Wednesday-Friday, at 10:30 a.m., 11:30 a.m. and 12:30 p.m.

BINZ exterior Nature Adventures
Audience: K - Grade 12
Offered: Year Round
State Correlations: Science: L.OL.00.11, L.OL.03.42, L.EV.05.12
Take a tour of the Nature Zoo! We feature Michigan animals, plants and much more. View native birds up close through our bird window and feed fallow deer at the Deer Encounter.
buzz about Nature 101
Audience: K - Grade 2
Offered: Year Round
State Correlations: Science: L.OL.02.12, L.OL.01.13, L.OL.00.12
Join us for an introduction to the basics of nature! We’ll cover the needs of plants, animals and the variety of habitats they call home.
Blandings Turtle

All About Reptiles
Audience: K - Grade 5
Offered: Year Round
State Correlations: Science: L.OL.01.13, L.OL.01.21, L.EV.03.12, L.OL.03.42

Reptiles have amazing adaptations to survive in their unique and sometimes harsh environments. Students will learn about the different types of reptiles and their preferred habitats.

web of life

Web of Life
Audience: Grades 3-5
Offered: Year Round
State Correlations: Science: L.EC.04.11, L.EC.04.21

Everything in nature is somebody else’s dinner! Explore feeding relationships among organisms and discover what happens when those relationships are disrupted.

 Communities BINZ


Audience: Grades 6-8 

Offered: Year Round
State Correlations: L.EC.06.21, L.EC.06.23, L3.P3D
Everything in the natural world is connected. How individuals interact with each other as part of a community is an important part of the environment. We will also examine human impact on natural communities.

zoo quest

Watershed Quality
Audience: Grades 6-12
Offered: Seasonally
State Correlations: L.EC.06.41, L3.P4A
Everyone lives in a watershed! This class will include a health assessment of a body of water by a variety of techniques, including chemical and physical sampling methods. This is a hands-on activity conducted as weather permits.


Invasive Species
Audience: Grades 6-12
Offered: Seasonally
State Correlations: L.EC.06.41, L3.P4A, B3.4B, B3.4C
Invasive plant and animal species are changing our native landscape and greatly affecting the plants and animals in our Great Lakes region. We will learn about the ecological, environmental and economic impacts.

Nature Hikes

Take a hike! Explore the wilds of Detroit’s island gem, Belle Isle. Nature Zoo educators will guide you around Belle Isle and explain the island’s ecology and its importance to the Great Lakes.


Animals Backyard

Backyard Trail Hike

Audience: K - Grade 3

Offered: Seasonally

State Correlations: L.OL.00.11, L.OL.00.12

Our youngest nature enthusiasts will explore the natural areas immediately surrounding the Nature Zoo. They will get a chance to observe and encounter the wilds first hand on this quarter mile trek.

 Wildwood Nature Trail

Wildwood Trail Hike

Audience: Grades 4-12

Offered: Seasonally

State Correlations: Science: L.EC.04.21

A short walk from the Nature Zoo is a recently restored nature trail that allows guests to view the heart of the island. On this one-mile adventure you will get to learn about secondary succession while exploring a nature trail that was once a road.

 Wetland BINZ

Wetland Nature Hike

Audience: Grades 6-12

Offered: Seasonally

State Correlations: L.EC.06.11

Take an extended hike to learn about the importance of wetlands to the Great Lakes region. Students will learn about the different types of wetlands throughout Belle Isle and Michigan. This two mile hike will cover Blue Heron Lagoon, the Livingstone Memorial Lighthouse, the Detroit River and much more.


african adventure story sm

African Adventure Stories
Audience: All
Offered: Year Round, Saturdays at the Nature Zoo
African Adventure Stories is an engaging educational experience that combines storytelling with opportunities to view and handle biofacts (biological artifacts) and cultural objects, including African drums. The goal of the program is to inspire urban youth and families to appreciate wildlife, care for the environment and respect diverse cultures.