The Detroit Zoo has many engaging experiences for kids of all ages! Make your next visit with us truly memorable by planning sufficient time to "see, feel and experience" our Wild Adventure 3-D/4-D Theater, see the world through the eyes of animals on the Wild Adventure Ride or enjoy a scenic view of the Zoo on our Tauber Family Railroad. Located throughout the Zoo, these unique attractions offer a variety of experiences for the entire family!

carousel box


Spin on a sea lion, revolve on a rabbit and twirl on a T. rex! The 36-foot custom-made, wood-and-brass carousel is adorned with 33 brilliant hand-carved, hand-painted figures, including traditional carousel horses as well as a colorful collection of other mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, insects, snakes, fish, seahorses, dinosaurs and an ADA-compliant peacock chariot.

Science on a Sphere

Science On a Sphere

Science On a Sphere is an amazing spherical display system that projects dynamic simulations of the Earth, its atmosphere, oceans and land. Simply put, it's a global display system that uses computers and video projectors to display planetary data onto a 6-foot diameter sphere,
analogous to a giant animated globe.

Ice Age

Wild Adventure Zone 4-D Theater

The 126-seat 4-D Theater is the first and only theater of its kind at any Michigan zoo (located inside the Ford Education Center at the Detroit Zoo!).

Wild Adventure Zone

Wild Adventure Zone Simulator

Come experience the country's first zoo-based virtual reality voyage ~ the Wild Adventure Zone Simulator~ and is also located inside the Ford Education Center at the Detroit Zoo!

Tauber Family Railroad

Tauber Family Railroad

The Tauber Family Railroad has been a favorite at the Zoo, serving nearly half a million passengers each year, since it was presented by The Detroit News in 1931.

Giraffe Encounter

Giraffe Encounter

Public feeding opportunities are available at the Giraffe Encounter, an elevated viewing platform overlooking the giraffe habitat, bringing guests to eye level with the Zoo's tallest creatures.

Horace Rackham Fountain

Horace H. Rackham Memorial Fountain

The historic and famed fountain, located in the center of the Zoo, was built in 1939 and dedicated to the first president of the Zoological Commission.

Wild Adventure 3-D / 4-D Theater
The 126-seat Wild Adventure 3-D / 4-D Theater is the first and only theater of its kind at any Michigan zoo.