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Scottish highland steer

At the Detroit Zoo
Despite his size and "handlebar" horns, which can make him appear menacing, MacGregor is very gentle and even-tempered. He was born in 2008 and arrived at the Detroit Zoo the same year. He can often be found play-fighting with his best friend Dozier, the belted Galloway steer. He is said to have a sweet tooth and enjoys snacking on sugary produce. Many visitors ask why MacGregor is often seen rubbing up against large brush-like toys that look like street sweepers. This is to keep his long hair groomed and to prevent it from becoming matted. MacGregor can be found in the Barnyard with the miniature donkeys, domestic yak, Thoroughbred horses, pigs and other barnyard animals. 

The Scottish highland steer is known for its shaggy appearance and cold-hardy constitution.  It has handlebar-shaped horns and a long, thick, shaggy coat.


Scientific name
: Bos taurus taurus
Continent: Europe
Habitat: Mountainous and wet grasslands
Size: 3-3.5 feet
Weight: 900-2,200 pounds
Diet: The Scottish highland steer is an herbivore and eats grass, leaves and flowers.
Reproduction: Gestation lasts approximately 277-290 days; single calf is most common, although occasionally twins are born.
Lifespan: 15-22 years



The Scottish highland steer consumes as much as 150 pounds of grass and grazes about eight hours each day.