Detroit Zoo African Spoonbill

Cinereous vulture

At the Detroit Zoo
The cinereous vultures can be found year-round in the habitat next to the camels.

The cinereous vulture's head is bare and buffy in color with a blackish throat and dark markings around the eye, giving it a menacing, skull-like appearance. Its powerful bill is grey, and the band around its beak is pale blue. The plumage is dark brown with a fluffy ruff and bluish neck. Its wings are long and broad with parallel edges.

Scientific name: Aegypius monachus
Continent: Europe and Asia
Habitat: Dry plains, grasslands and mountainous forests
Size: 30 inches tall
Weight: 15 to 30 pounds
Diet: Carrion (dead and decaying flesh)
Reproduction: One egg that incubates for about 55 days
: 30 years or more
Conservation Status: Near Threatened


Cinereous vultures will stalk and threaten other animals by walking with their wings drooped and tail feathers straight up in the air.