Belted Galloway steer

The Detroit Zoo

Visitors are in for a sweet treat with belted Galloway steer Dozier, who was born in 2008 and arrived at the Detroit Zoo in 2009. Some say he resembles a giant Oreo cookie, with a creamy-white midsection surrounded by black front and hind quarters.  Dozier can be seen in the Barnyard with the miniature donkeys, domestic yak, Scottish Highland steer, Thoroughbred horses, pigs and other barnyard animals.


A belted Galloway has either black, red or brownish-grey colored hair with a white mid-section that encircles its body.  It has a double coat of long hair, good for shedding rain and keeping warm.  It also has large eyes and wide nostrils.


Scientific name: Bos taurus taurus
: Scotland and Norway in Europe
Habitat: Coastal regions with wind and damp cold; the species roams the terrain of moors, granitic hills, heathery mountain ranges and fertile glens.
Size: 5 feet tall
Weight: Females can weigh 1,500 pounds; males can weigh 2,000 pounds.
Diet: The belted Galloway is an herbivore, feeding on a variety of grasses and shrubs.
Reproduction: Gestation 285 days; single calf
Lifespan: 17-20 years



Belted Galloway cattle are often nicknamed "Oreo Cookie Cows" because of their black and white coat.