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Featured Detroit Zoo Commercials

Everyone knows a visit to the Detroit Zoo provides kids with a healthy dose of Vitamin Z ... but what happens when they don't get the recommended amount? Our new ad campaign from Doner shows what "Vitamin Z deficiency" looks like. Click on Videos above so you'll know how to recognize the symptoms!


2012 Featured Detroit Zoo Commercials
There are certain elements essential to every childhood: eating fruits and vegetables, getting plenty of exercise, drinking lots of water – and visiting the Detroit Zoo.  The Zoo’s advertising campaign, created by Doner, adds “Vitamin Z” to the list of nutrients essential to a complete childhood.  The “Vitamin Z” campaign highlights immersive experiences found only at the Detroit Zoo – including the Giraffe Encounter, Australian Outback Adventure, Arctic Ring of Life and Butterfly Garden – and captures the range of emotions kids feel when they encounter the animals.
2012comm-bfly1 2012comm-lions
vitz 2011 Vitamin Z Commercial kivuli Kivuli
Kivuli's first day in the giraffe exhibit at the Detroit Zoo.
train Tauber Family Railroad
Director and CEO Ron Kagan speaks about the Tauber Family Railroad,a Detroit Zoo attraction since 1931.
lion Lion Video
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