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August's Animal Attraction | Giant Anteater





15-year-old Raya was born at the Detroit Zoo and spends her days with mom, Chesley, and niece, Bissell. She’s usually the last one to wake up in the morning, and dawdles as she goes about her day. Avocados are her most favorite food, though watermelon is a close second. For fun, Raya loves to destroy logs, boxes and especially telephone books, using the claws on her first two fingers. Anteaters keep them sharp by walking on their knuckles so the claws can be used for defense as well as tearing into logs to forage for insects. Just like her family members, Raya enjoys bathing in water tubs and pools, using her claws to scrub herself clean. This extended family of giant anteaters can be seen in their American Grasslands habitat near the Arctic Café.

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