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May's Animal Attraction | Grevy’s Zebra



The New Year ushered in a new “era” at the Detroit Zoo when an endangered male Grevy’s zebra was born shortly after the ball dropped at midnight on January 1. Named Enzi, which means “era” or “reign” in Swahili, he is described by animal care staff as curious, outgoing and full of energy. Enzi is the second offspring of 23-year-old mom Elvira and 14-year-old dad Z.Z., bringing the Zoo’s zebra herd to five. Though never far from his mom, the young foal can occasionally be seen standing on rocks in his habitat to gain a better view of his surroundings. Enzi is beginning to nibble on solid foods such as hay and grasses, but is still young enough that he receives most of his nutrition from nursing. The zebras can be found in their African Grasslands habitat next to the giraffes.


Learn more about the Grevy’s zebra.

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