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July’s Animal Attraction | Gray wolf


Japanese MacaquePhoto: Erin Albrecht

Never mind what you’ve heard about the big, bad wolf – Wazi, a 7-year-old female gray wolf, is friendly and inquisitive as she explores her surroundings in the new 2-acre Cotton Family Wolf Wilderness. She enjoys digging, resting in the den, and taking a dip in the flowing stream and pond. She is dominant to her male companion, 5-year-old Kaska, and the pair spends the majority of their time together. Wazi is very vocal at times – much more so than Kaska – and visitors can often hear her howling. The Wolf Wilderness is located at the southwest corner of the Zoo, with the historic Log Cabin renovated to incorporate large glass viewing areas where visitors can get nose to snout with Wazi and Kaska.


Learn more about the gray wolf.

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