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July's Animal Attraction | Aardvark

aarvark-by-Tom-RoyPhoto by Tom Roy


10-year-old Rachaael has been a Detroit Zoo resident since 2005. Three years later, she was joined by Baji (short for Mchimbaji, which is Swahili for “one who digs for a living”) who sired their three offspring – including Kaatie, born in February. Rachaael’s favorite pastimes are digging in the dirt and playing in water tubs – she enjoys submerging her head under water and blowing bubbles. Her favorite treats are avocados and crickets, and she is inquisitive and interactive with enrichment objects and feeders. According to the animal care staff most familiar with Rachaael, she’s a great mom – and while she’s attentive to Kaatie, she’s also very laid back. The family of “earth pigs” can be seen in their African Grasslands habitat across from the giraffes.

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